Spiritual Life

What Is the Meaning of Sin? How Does God Think about Sin?

If you refuse to see your sin as God does, you cannot escape His eternal judgment. If you want to deny your guilt or hide your own sinfulness, you'll never discover the cure for sin. And if you try to justify your sin, you'll forfeit the justification of God. Until you understand how offensive your sin is before God, you can never know Him.

The Unparalleled Passion of Jesus Christ

If Christians were not so familiar with these things because of 2000 years of tradition and liturgy, they might feel how utterly unlikely it was that this death would be the basis of a world-transforming faith ...

Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation?

Water baptism is certainly important and required of every believer. However, the New Testament does not teach that baptism is necessary for salvation. In fact, Paul never made water baptism any part of his gospel presentations.

What Is Freedom? How Do We Become Free?

As a culture, we want to feel that we are in control of our lives, and especially that we are in control of the things that matter most. That includes our salvation. You hear this all the time on the talk shows: “You can be anything you want to be.” That’s the spirit of our culture. But there are some things you cannot be, that only Jesus can free you to be. So, Jesus is telling us that this simply is not true.


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