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What Is the Significance of Bread in the Bible?

The account of Jesus feeding thousands of people with bread and fish shows extravagant love. The miracle went beyond mere food. It showed us the compassion of Jesus and his ability to provide much more than we need seen in the baskets of leftovers. [John 6]

What Does God Look Like?

What does God look like? Perhaps, following the psalmist, we turn to poetry and hymnody to answer. When you know your sins are forgiven, and the God of all Creation is your own Father, God looks like the One you have been desiring all of your life.

4 Beautiful Examples of 'Reckless Love' in the Bible

When Cory Abury describes God as 'reckless' in his beautiful worship song, it is a poem from the heart, not the dictionary (or a negative) definition. Here are four beautiful examples of how reckless love is offered throughout the Bible.

What Is the Prayer of Faith in James 5?

The James 5 prayer of faith encourages believers to trust in God. It may bring a physical healing, or a spiritual peace. We pray this prayer to lean on God, should he choose to heal the sick person in our lives.

What Do Widows in the Bible Teach Us about Loss?

Many women say losing a mate is like losing a limb. It's a torturous, treacherous journey. Only by the grace of God can one survive it. The Bible is filled with stories of widows who show us the way by faith.

What Does the Bible Say about Relationships?

The Bible provides guidance on interaction between men and women, mankind and our Savior, and relationships between believers. Knowing these truths helps us make better decisions and navigate in a righteous manner.

What Is the Abomination of Desolation?

Past the Babylonian stories from Daniel 1-6, readers run into an interesting six chapters at the tail end of Daniel. These prophecies appear to affect Israel in the near future, but also, they seem to hint at the end times and connections with the book of Revelation.

Daily Bible Reading Is a Joyful Task That Is Never Complete

The Bible is not merely a human book, in which we might easily crack our blades on an impenetrable bottom. The “rocks” we sometimes hit are actually buried treasure, hidden caches that will enrich our study of God’s Word and draw us nearer to the Lord, if only we’ll keep digging. 


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